A project called Khanh Son Farm aims to mentor the farm's board of directors and assist them in growing professionally, sustainably, and financially. The primary tasks include creating a business model, planning a product and marketing strategy, and handling farm logistics and operations.

Khanh Son farm is a private farm since 2010. The total area is 36 hectares of which 13 hectares is mangrove forest and 23 hectares is farmland, house, ponds, and forest. The owners would like to develop their property in a sustainable, yet profitable way, targeting aqua- and agriculture, and agrotourism. Since the start of Khanh Son Farm has invested a considerable sum of money into development of the property, but profits have lacked behind. 

In order to assist Khanh Son Farm to overcome its business challenges, Kim Delta co-created a business plan, including a business model, planning a product and marketing strategy, handling farm logistics and operations, and coaching management

The difference and special in the new business model of Khanh Son farm is overlapping nature and business that the owner can make money without damaging the environment. The intention is that this agri-tourism farm model will be closed loop. This means that as much as possible (by) products from the farm and mangrove forest are transformed into materials that contribute to feeding and protecting soil, vegetation and animals.

In July of 2022 Khanh Son Farm and Kim Delta signed a contract until the end of 2025 to develop Khanh Son Farm further.

Client: Ms. Nguyen Kim Xoan (Khanh Son Farm owner)

Status: In-process

Year: 2022

Kim Delta's role: Project manager

Khanh Son Animal Map