Our main focus is on the Mekong Delta and South-East Vietnam, but we accept occasional assignments from other locations

The agri-food sector in the Mekong Delta is most important, with one-third of the total of 53.000 businesses. Many organisations seek to produce safe food in a responsible way and if possible export their products. Kim Delta helps realize these ambitions by consulting and training on standards. The standards range from GlobalG.A.P., Organic, GMP+ and many others to ISO, for which our trainers and consultants are fully qualified and accredited.

Within the agri-food sector we mainly target fruit- and aquaculture farmers and its processing industry.

Compared to the competition we are a relatively small company and therefore focus on the personal approach, quality and after-sales for satisfied customers. Kim Delta reaches out to the market by personal contacts and network, participates in conferences and organizes workshops, free of charge, to interest clients.

Kim Delta T&C offers training and consulting services for organisations, public and private, in the agri-food sector. In numbers, we mainly serve factories and processors, but our most important turnover comes from farms. We hope to increase our support to cooperatives and government agencies in near future.

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